Sino-US Business Talk

Sino-US Business Talk offers a series of core courses for Geju students. It will regularly invite leading economists from both China and the U.S., members at the Federal Reserve, as well as senior analysts at the New York Stock Exchange to provide their insights on U.S. financial markets. This program helps students to understand the opportunities and challenges brought by changes in U.S. economic environment under the globalization context.

Courses in this program include:

•Reviewing and analyzing major news events that happened between China and the U.S. during the past month, on issues such as economy, trade, finance and regulatory collaboration.

•Discussing trending topics on U.S. financial markets, regulations and macroeconomic events.

•Interviewing with CEOs of new listed companies in the NASDAQ

•Exploring the history of Sino-US institutional reforms, thus providing new lessons to Chinese reforms on financial systems.

•Providing interesting anecdotes surrounding the legal knowledge of investment in the U.S., IPO, M&As, and immigration.

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Overseas Experiential Learning Program

Having built up cooperative partnerships with the world’s top enterprises, Geju offers exceptional opportunities for students to gain management-related knowledge and practice overseas. In terms of knowledge, Geju students will be able to listen to lectures by professors from world-renowned business schools. In terms of practice, Geju provides students with the opportunity to interact with senior executives, This week-long intense program is aimed at helping enterprising students consolidate their theoretical knowledge as well as apply them to practical situations.

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Study Abroad Program

The goal of the Study Abroad Program is to offer students opportunities for in-depth learning in the classrooms of top business schools, thereby inspiring students and stimulating their thoughts and sharpening their insights. This program is 18-month long. Students are required to attend week-long classes and visit different nations or areas each quarter. Moreover, all students will receive certificates from world-class business schools upon successful completion of program. Additional recognition from top business school will also be offered for prominent students.

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Geju-Silicon Valley Innovation Forum

A part of the well-known Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Festival, the Geju-Silicon Valley Innovation Form is an event jointly held by Geju Business School and Ding Ding TV. Through this forum, Geju students will be able to communicate with successful Chinese investors and entrepreneurs in the US. Furthermore, this forum will also help students’ enterprises enter the US market.

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